Course Description

Course Description & Expectations:

Kennedy JROTC

1. GENERAL:Congratulations! Your decision to participate in JROTC is an indication of your desire to excel in high school and in life. This will be a demanding course, but also a fun course that will help you make life decisions and enhance your academic, physical, emotional, and moral growth. JROTC is both a program and an academic course for which TEA Credit is granted. A student completing four years of JROTC will have earned 4 credits (to include the required 1 ½ credits of P.E. if that requirement has not otherwise been completed).

2. TEXT BOOKS: Each cadet will be issued a Cadet Reference Guide, a Financial Planning Student Text and will have in-class access (from a class set) to the following texts that represent the scope of the JROTC curriculum:

3.GRADING: JROTC is a performance based, "hands-on" course challenging cadets to lead, follow, teach, evaluate, organize and execute various tasks. Grading, therefore, will be a combination of written and performance examinations as well as evaluations of individual job performance and team/unit leadership. The grade breakout is as follows:

Physical Fitness Participation- 20%

Portfolio 20%

Uniform/Inspection 20%

Examinations (Written or performance) 20%

Assignments 20%

Late, Missing, or Incomplete Assignments - Any assignment that is turned in late will receive an immediate 10% penalty. No assignments will be accepted beyond one week late.

LEADERSHIP/CO-CURRICULAR: This grade will be determined on the performance of assigned duties as well as participation in before/after school practices and functions. For cadets in leadership positions, it will be the result of the performance of the squad, platoon, company, staff section or team that cadets are charged to lead. For cadets in follower positions, the grade will be determined based on individual performance and team contributions as evaluated by both the cadet and cadre chain of command. Each cadet is also expected to participate on at least one team or, at least, to attend before or after-school drill, PT or Marksmanship practice.

PORTFOLIO: In accordance with Cadet Command Regulation 145-2 Chapter 2, all cadets are required to develop and maintain a portfolio. Portfolios will include the following: A personal cover page, mission statement of goals, resume' with references, minimum of eight samples (5 academic units of study and 3 personal profiles, awards, certificates). Portfolios will be developed during 1st semester and meeting progress deadlines will determine Portfolio grade
UNIFORM/INSPECTION: JROTC cadets are required, by regulation, to wear their uniform on a weekly basis. Cadets will be evaluated on the neatness and cleanliness of their uniform and on their responses to questions posed during the inspection. Cadets will wear the designated uniform either on Thursday. Occasionally, the weekly uniform requirement will be waived to allow for wear of the uniform for parades, competitions, home football games, or special activities. In those cases, uniform and inspection grade will be determined at those events.

EXTRA-CURRICULAR: JROTC is more than a course, it is a program rich in traditions and opportunities for students to "go beyond" class time and truly excel in JROTC skills. Kennedy High School JROTC Teams are known and respected throughout the Edgewood Community. Cadets representing J.F. Kennedy HS and the Emerald Battalion by competing on teams are provided with Letterman's Jackets. For students wanting to fully experience and practice their personal and team skills to develop their leadership, we offer the following:

a. Armed Drill Team
b. Unarmed Drill Team:
c. Color Guards:
d. Physical Fitness Team(s):
e. Marksmanship Team:
f. Orienteering Team:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is JROTC?

The Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps, or JROTC Program, includes full credit elective courses which provide interesting classroom instruction combine with the opportunity to serve the school and community, participate in extracurricular activates, enjoy active social programs, and have the opportunity for early leadership responsibilities. For students desiring to do so, JROTC may be substituted for the PE courses required for graduation.

What exactly is taught in Class?
The material covered in JROTC varies throughout the year, with short segments on a variety of topics related to leadership, the armed forces and the nation. The Army JROTC curriculum includes such topics as U.S Military History, personal hygiene, human relations, staff functions and procedures, first aid, military map reading, techniques of oral communications, marksmanship, orienteering, drill and ceremony, and civil defense.

Will I Be in The Armed Forces or Will I Have to Go Into The Service?
Of course NOT! There is absolutely no obligation of any kind, and most students have no interest in going into the military after graduation. For those who are interested, however, there are some real benefits.

What About the Instructors, Are They in The Armed Forces?
No. JROTC teachers are retired military officers and senior non-commissioned officers. They are high school faculty members and employees of the EISD like all other teachers, but are certified by the U.S. Army to teach JROTC.

What Does the Course Cost?
There are no special costs associated with this course. Course materials, uniforms, supplies, equipment, and most other cost are covered by the military or the school. Personal items such as undergarments, and such things, as meals on field trips are not covered. Fund raising projects are scheduled as needed to raise funds for the special equipment and projects.

What Kind of Credit Can I Get for JROTC?
The course allows full elective credit, just like all other academic courses. In addition, JROTC may be substituted for Physical Education or may be taken as an additional elective in conjunction with Physical Education to meet graduation requirements.

Do I Wear a Uniform?
A custom fitted uniform is provided free and is worn once a week on the ROTC units designated uniform day. It is a honor to wear the uniform and that honor is not treated lightly.

Do Males Have to Get A Short Haircut?
Males’ hair must be neatly trimmed and meet minimum dress code standards. Some of the extracurricular teams may have their own requirements for competitions.

Do Females Have to Have A Short Hair
Absolutely Not. In fact they are encouraged to wear stylish hairdo's like other female students who are not enrolled in JROTC.

What Will My Friends Say When I Wear The Uniform in School?
It is human nature to notice something different about a person you know and this certainly applies to JROTC students. JROTC is a popular and respected organization in the school, so the minor "self-consciousness" caused by wearing something different is seldom a problem for long.

What about the Leadership Training?
JROTC is the only formal course of instruction in the district which has formal instruction in leadership. The course also encourages practical application by giving the students the opportunity to run their extracurricular groups and manage many aspects of the JROTC program.

I'm going to College. Is this Good Preparation?
JROTC course material is academically sound and enhances the college preparatory curriculum. JROTC is always well represented in the ranks of the national honor Society, National Merit Scholarship and other scholarship winners.